FAQ Students - Fall 2021 Withdrawal/Refund policy amendment


#1. I have applied for my study permit by September 8, 2021 however I have not received the decision by October 29, 2021. What are my options?

Option 1: You can defer your studies to the next semester. Please note that you will then begin your studies as a new student in the next term.

Option 2: Continue your studies and inform Student Services if you receive a study permit rejection no later than December 13, 2021. You are required to upload the study permit onto NCToronto Student Portal as soon as you receive it.

#2. I received a study permit rejection before or on October 29, 2021 what should I do?

You can request the full refund except $200 by submitting the withdrawal form and attaching a visa refusal letter, or you can continue studying for Fall 2021 term only and re-apply for your study permit. Students that wish to withdraw from their program of study may initiate the withdrawal process by visiting NCToronto Student Portal and completing the withdrawal request form in the academic section.

#3. On December 13, 2021 I still did not receive a decision on my study permit application from IRCC, what are my options?

You can continue to complete your term 1 studies and receive your transcript, however there will be no refund for your term 1; if you decide not to continue in your term 2, then you must submit a withdrawal request for term 2 fees by January 21, 2022.