Tuition & Fees

Find tuition and fees for our international full-time programs by selecting your program of choice below.

Estimated Study Expenses

The following information is provided for estimation purposes only and should not be relied on as a final representation of the expenses to be paid by you. Individual choices regarding living accommodations may vary widely. Program durations also vary. For an accurate estimate, adjust the cost according to the program duration. Check Programs webpage for program-specific information.

Tuition & Fees $8186.35 - $9889.35 CAD
Books $350 CAD
Food $1,500 - $2,000 CAD
Housing $3,500 - $7,000 CAD
Personal Money $1,000 - $2,000 CAD
Total *Per 4 months of study $14,536.35 - $21,239.35 CAD

Due Dates

New Students

All fees need to be paid no later than the due dates that are listed on your Letter of Acceptance.

Returning student fee payment due dates

All fees need to be paid no later than the deadline date advised by Niagara College – Toronto. Due dates are noted on your Student Invoice, which can be found on NCToronto Student Portal.

  • Spring 2023: April 5, 2023
  • Fall 2023: July 21, 2023

Please Note:

  1. Notice of change of fees: All fees are subjected to change every academic year. If your program is scheduled to continue in the next academic year, please check for your future fees with the Admissions Office.
  2. The fees indicated on your Letter of Acceptance for visa purposes were estimated. Please refer to the actual tuition fees noted on the final invoice.