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Are you a numbers aficionado who prides yourself on attention to detail and wants to invest your career in finance?

As a graduate of the Business – Accounting Undergraduate Diploma program you have mastered the knowledge and skills to succeed in financial and managerial accounting roles.


  • Hands-on, experiential learning via case studies, computer applications and role-playing.
  • Individualized support from professionally accredited/designated accounting faculty.
  • Unique bridge to three-year Business Administration-Accounting (Academic or Co-op).
  • Option to acquire a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation via diploma articulation to a qualifying degree program recognized by CPA Ontario.

A Career in Business – Accounting

With a solid foundation in financial principles and accounting practices, graduates of the Undergraduate Diploma in Business – Accounting program are ready to embark on a multitude of rewarding and exciting career avenues in the field of business accounting, including:

  • Financial analyst
  • Government or industry auditor
  • Investment consultant or analyst
  • Junior accountant in public accounting
  • Junior/intermediate cost accountant
  • Junior/intermediate general accountant
  • Management trainee in banks and other financial institutions

Please note, the following course Teaching and Learning Plan (TLP) will be developed based on the course outline provided in the link below:

Admission Requirements

  • Secondary education transcripts and a graduation diploma* (High School) AND
  • Proof of English proficiency

*Please check country-specific program requirements as graduation diploma may not be applicable and only transcripts are required

Selection and Ranking

Testing or other supplemental evaluation may be required.

Computer/Technology Requirements

In order to successfully progress through your studies at Niagara College - Toronto, it is recommended that you have access to a personal computer or laptop. TSoM offers access to computer labs on campus, but availability cannot be guaranteed and some program software may not be available on all open access computers.

 All costs associated with program requirements are the responsibility of the student.

Program Start

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Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Record financial transactions in compliance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for sole proprietorships, partnerships, private enterprises, publicly accountable enterprises and non-profit organizations
  • Prepare and present financial statements, reports and other documents in compliance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and private enterprises
  • Contribute to recurring decision-making by applying fundamental management accounting principles
  • Prepare individuals’ income tax returns and basic tax planning in compliance with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Analyze organizational structures, the interdependence of functional areas and the impact those relationships can have on financial performance
  • Analyze with a Canadian context, the impact of economic variables, legislation, ethics, technological advances and the environment on an organization’s operations
  • Outline the elements of an organization’s internal control system and risk management
  • Contribute to recurring decision-making by applying fundamental financial management concepts

Professional Certifications

Graduates of the Undergraduate Diploma in Business - Accounting program may wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a business-related program via a Niagara College – Toronto pathway, which may lead to the following professional certification:

  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)


What is meant by business accounting?

Business accounting refers to the recording, organizing, and analysis of financial information for businesses or organizations. It involves tracking and reporting financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and providing insights into a company's financial performance.

What is a Business – Accounting Undergraduate Diploma?

The Business – Accounting Undergraduate Diploma is a post-secondary certificate awarded to individuals who have successfully completed the accounting stream of a business program. It signifies their knowledge and skills in accounting principles, financial reporting, and business analysis.

How does accounting help businesses in identifying and preventing fraud or financial irregularities?

Accounting plays a crucial role in identifying and preventing fraud or financial irregularities within businesses. By tracking and organizing financial transactions, cash flow, and performance, accountants can detect inconsistencies and anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activities. They implement internal controls and auditing processes to ensure accuracy, transparency, and compliance with regulations.

What are the four types of accounting?

The four main branches of accounting are corporate accounting, public accounting, government accounting, and forensic accounting. Each branch has its own focus and requirements. Corporate accounting deals with financial management and reporting within private companies. Public accounting involves providing accounting services to clients, including auditing and tax preparation. Government accounting focuses on financial management in the public sector. Forensic accounting combines accounting and investigation skills to uncover financial fraud and disputes.

After completing this program, you may consider supplementing your diploma with further education. Visit the Niagara College Pathways page to learn more. 


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