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Why the HR department is so important at any organization

Human Resources are the ones working behind the scenes to make sure that employers and employees maintain a harmonious relationship. Learn more about the department's roles in our latest #NCTBlog!


Things to consider before moving to Canada for the Fall 2021 term

As you prepare to settle into your new life in Canada, knowing what to pack is important to make the transition as smooth as possible. Read this blog to find out more.

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Starting a new term as an international student in Canada

Fall term is almost here! Are you ready to begin your academic journey? Check out the latest #NCT latest blog as we give you helpful insights on starting your new student life here in Canada!

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Toronto’s trademark festivals and events that put the city on the world map

Toronto is known for its world-famous festivals and events that highlight the Torontonian culture. The latest NCT blog features a quick guide on these events, so check it out!

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How to find the perfect part-time job as a student

Looking for work where you can find balance with your student life? Our latest blog guides you on how to find the perfect employer when looking for a part-time job!

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Experience Toronto through its popular public transportation

Check out the latest #NCT blog to know more about Toronto’s famous public transportation systems. Experiencing Toronto's daily commute is a good way to explore the city and appreciate Torontonian life

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5 Ways to make a great first impression on your online classmates

Nervous about making that perfect first impression on your peers? Read the latest #NCT blog to get some useful ideas on how to present yourself well to your online classmates!

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Stretching exercises to do when sitting in front of the computer all day

Sitting in front of a screen is pretty much the new norm, especially with remote work and school. We’ve got your back though – we put together the best stretches to keep your blood flowing.

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Why now is the best time to pick up a Diploma in Business

Immerse yourself in the world of business — especially in this digital era. Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and understand new shifts in the way industries can operate, both pre and post pandemic.

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Learning and development trends in 2021

Consistent professional development is in-demand. We outlined major development trends seen at companies across all sectors, and how regularly learning new things help you as a budding professional.

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Seven healthy and fun study break ideas for students

Taking a break between study sessions is important for keep them productive. Read the blog to explore some fun ideas for study breaks.

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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 2021

An attractive LinkedIn profile is one of the most important aspects of the job-hunting process in 2021. Learn how to make your LinkedIn profile presentable with this blog.

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Exam Essentials: Everything you need to know about online exams

Online exams are integral to pursuing online programs. Read this blog to learn everything you need to know before appearing for an online exam.

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How to stand out at a virtual internship

Virtual internships are the new alternatives to gaining work experience in the post-pandemic world. Read the blog to learn how you can land a virtual internship at a good company.

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How to optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems in Canada

Read this blog to know information about resume optimization for applicant tracking system, and different tips to optimize the resume and get selected by the system.

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How to successfully conduct group work online

Group work can hone your collaboration skills. Learn how you can successfully complete group projects in this day and age online.

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Six ways to create your ideal study space at home

Online learning has become the reality of the hour for many students. Read this blog to learn how you can create an ideal space for your online learning.

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Benefits of online learning in 2021

Online learning is much more relevant today in 2021 than 10 years ago. Learn how this course format can be beneficial for you.

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Canada is named the number one country in the world in a 2021 Best Countries Report

According to the best countries report for 2021, Canada takes the number one position in the world. Read this blog to know more information.

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Beyond the resume—building a tangible online portfolio

Resumes are a thing of the past with the increasing popularity of online portfolios. Learn how to build a suitable online portfolio through this blog.

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Hospitality and tourism in the pandemic: Will the industry survive?

The pandemic has impacted the Canadian hospitality industry in a big way. Learn how the industry is making a comeback in recent times.

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4 Ways to Stand Out and Build Experience as a Human Resources Professional

Human resource management is an integral operation in any company. Read the blog to learn how you can stand out as an HR professional.

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Standing out as a Human Resources professional through critical management skills

From recruitment to workplace safety, a career in Human Resources is vital for companies in any sector. A versatile profession, Human Resources (HR) cuts across a wide range of businesses.

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Hospitality and tourism: Why standing out with a graduation certificate is key

The Canadian hospitality and tourism industry is on an upswing. This industry offers opportunities at your fingertips. Learn how you can build a career with an education in hospitality and tourism.

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Calling all entrepreneurs: How international business management programs help you expand and grow

Whether you need hands-on skills to further your own endeavors or break glass ceilings in management, gain a global perspective on the factors that could affect your business career.

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Continuing education in Canada: What you need to know

The world is shifting, and quickly. Graduate certificates offer an efficient, practical way to gain the necessary skills needed to stay on top of your career.

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The Canadian experience: Why students around the world choose Canada to jumpstart their careers

A vibrant, peace-loving nation, the welcoming spirit of Canadian culture helps international students feel at ease — and some even end up making Canada their forever home.