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Graduate Certificate



1 Year (2 terms)




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Are you a global thinker interested in expanding your knowledge of international commerce to pursue employment in the global marketplace?

As a graduate of the International Business Management program, you have mastered the core concepts of international commerce and are well prepared to take on a challenging role in the international business sector.


  • Proximity to one of the world’s busiest international borders provides high-value experiential learning opportunities in the international commerce arena.
  • Study in the heart of downtown Toronto and gain access to the significant employment and entertainment opportunities offered by Canada's largest and most multicultural city.
  • Hands-on learning.
  • Faculty members have diverse international business experience.
  • Designed to compliment prior education in various fields.

A Career in International Business Management

Equipped with a strong understanding of international business decision-making, integrative trade initiatives, strategic management, and many other international business skills, graduates of this program find themselves in high demand in a growing number of career options across various industries, including:

  • Customs broker
  • Distribution and logistics administrator
  • Foreign trade consultant/specialist
  • Import/export manager
  • International banker
  • International marketing and sales associate

Admission Requirements

  • Post-secondary education transcripts and graduation diploma* (minimum of 2 years of post-secondary studies; 2-year College diploma or a Bachelor's degree) AND
  • Proof of English proficiency

*Please check country-specific program requirements as graduation diploma may not be applicable and only transcripts are required.

Selection and Ranking

Testing or other supplemental evaluation may be required.

Program Requirements


  • Students are responsible for their own transportation in order to complete program requirements which may not be readily accessible by public transportation.

Program requirements could include co-ops, placements, volunteer requirements, practical labs, field projects, assignments, clinicals, or any other off-campus visits required as part of the program’s curriculum.

Computer/Technology Requirements

In order to successfully progress through your studies at Niagara College - Toronto, it is recommended that you have access to a personal computer or laptop. TSoM offers access to computer labs on campus, but availability cannot be guaranteed and some program software may not be available on all open access computers.

 All costs associated with program requirements are the responsibility of the student.

Program Start

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Sept 2024 Closed


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Scholarships and Awards

International Applicants

Entrance scholarships and awards are available to International applicants and students.

Apply for International Scholarships

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Conduct an environmental scan to evaluate the impact of world issues on an organization’s international business opportunities
  • Conduct, evaluate, and present market research to support an organization’s international business decision-making
  • Manage the preparation of documents and the application of procedures to support the movement of products and services in the organization’s global supply chain
  • Evaluate the impact of statutory and regulatory compliance on an organization’s integrative trade initiatives
  • Develop and implement strategies to negotiate effectively within various cultural environments and to address the impact of cultural differences on an organization’s integrative trade initiatives
  • Develop and present an international marketing plan, and evaluate sales strategies that support an organization’s integrative trade initiatives
  • Identify and interpret relevant international financial documents, and evaluate financial strategies that support an organization’s integrative trade initiatives
  • Analyze the impact of an organization’s integrative trade initiatives on its human resources management strategies, policies, and practices
  • Develop and present an international business plan
  • Manage the implementation and evaluation of team projects by applying project management principles
  • Recommend strategies to support principles of corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibilities and ethics associated with an organization’s integrative trade initiatives and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Select and apply current technologies to support an organization’s integrative trade initiatives


What do international business managers do?

International business managers play an important role in coordinating, facilitating, and managing business operations within countries and across international borders

What is the difference between a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an International Business Management (IBM) Graduate Certificate?

The primary difference between an MBA and an IBM Graduate Certificate is the level of education and scope of the program. An MBA is a postgraduate degree that necessitates applicants to hold either a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite or, in some instances, possess relevant work experience. It encompasses a comprehensive range of business topics, typically spanning a period of 18 to 24 months. An IBM Graduate Certificate typically takes a year to complete, is a postsecondary credential, and focuses largely on the subject area of international business management.

What skills are required for a career in international business management?

Some of the skills required include cross-cultural understanding, adaptive thinking, networking skills, resilience, quick thinking, interpersonal skills, and collaboration.

What are the current opportunities within the international business management sector in emerging markets?

Some of the career opportunities within the international business management sector are:

  • Import/export
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  • Investment Analysis
  • Banking and finance
  • Marketing
  • Public relations

How can I start a career in international business management?

Some opportunities to help kickstart your career in international business management are:

  • Getting involved with various clubs, for instance Kiwanis, Toastmasters
  • Attending networking events
  • Volunteering for a company you would like to work for


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