Withdrawal & Refund Process

Regular College Withdrawal/Refund Policy ** Timeline 60-90 days

In accordance with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities’ Tuition Fee Operating Procedures, students must complete a withdrawal form within 10 business days of the beginning of a semester to receive a refund of fees for the current term. If you do not complete the official withdrawal process, you will be responsible for all fees assessed. Non-attendance does not constitute an Official Withdrawal.

International students are refunded all fees assessed for the term and subsequent terms paid in advance, less any non-refundable fee(s):

  • International Tuition Fees ÷ Canadian Funded Tuition Fees X $500.00 CAD
  • If applicable, any fee paid for services that are non-refundable after use (airport pickup, medical insurance etc.)

The withdrawal fee is calculated based on the Ministry of Colleges and Universities policy.

The Withdrawal process at Niagara College - Toronto is designed to ensure that you, as an international student, are well informed. If you are a current Niagara College - Toronto student or in Canada, the withdrawal process requires you to attend two meetings with your student advisor that will provide you with guidance and important information related to your academic program, your student permit and the refund process, if applicable. Niagara College - Toronto is dedicated to ensuring that all international students are well informed and have the opportunity to have their questions answered before making final decisions to ensure you are in the right position to achieve your educational goals while in Canada.

Please note if you are a current Niagara College - Toronto student or in Canada, meetings are mandatory to withdraw from your program; if you do not attend your scheduled meeting (in-person if in Ontario or virtual if out of Ontario), it is assumed you are no longer interested in withdrawing and you will not be eligible for a refund.

Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) is required for students who want to transfer to the province of Quebec. Failure to provide this CAQ document before the withdrawal deadline will result in the denial of the withdrawal request and no refund will be issued. The CAQ must accompany the Quebec institution’s letter of acceptance.

Students that wish to withdraw from their program of study may initiate the withdrawal process by visiting the NCToronto Student Portal and completing the Withdrawal Request Form (in the academic section).

**Please note that the entire withdrawal process must be completed in order to be eligible for a refund.

**International students that have been refused a study permit for the current semester and have notified the Niagara College - Toronto within 10 days of the beginning of the semester will be refunded all fees paid less a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 CAD.

Note, students are required to provide documentation verifying stage 1 visa refusal and or stage 2 visa refusal.

*Niagara College - Toronto does not have the authority to refund an authorized credit card purchase to someone other than the original cardholder. This is in line with industry standards and considered a best practice throughout the payment card industry.

*If you have paid by the CIBC Payment Platform, your refund will be returned directly back to the account that was used at the time of payment.