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OneVasco is a third party service and students who contract the service are doing so directly with OneVasco. NCT is not liable for any services or transactions between OneVasco and students.

Thank you for your interest in pursuing your studies with Niagara College – Toronto (NCT).

One of our key objectives in supporting prospective students is to ensure that we do everything possible to remove the challenges that are often associated with applying to a postsecondary institution. Along with finding a place to study, one of the key concerns faced by many applicants is to ensure that their visa application is successful. So much depends on this one application – and it can often be quite complicated and stressful.

To support students who require assistance with their visa application, NCT has partnered with OneVASCO, the world’s largest visa application processing company, to offer an optional visa application support service.

The OneVASCO Visa Document Support Service can support you throughout the entire visa process, ensuring that you can have access to direct support and assistance from leading industry experts in drafting your visa application. The OneVASCO team will check every single detail of your visa application for you. This includes examining all the documents that you would need to submit in respect to identity, finances, health, educational qualifications and, of course, your personal statement. All these services are provided by the specialist Education Service Division of OneVASCO, which is a part of the wider VFS Global family.

The OneVASCO Visa Document Support Service includes:

  • Visa form completion
  • Document checklist and full compliancy review as per country and visa subclass
  • Statement of purpose assistance
  • Drafting cover letters and financial sponsorship letters
  • Creating an online account in the portal with the respective visa authority
  • Uploading visa forms and documents
  • Making an appointment with the VACs for Biometrics submission
  • Reassuring and mentoring applicants on related topics
  • Any advice along the way on calls, through WhatsApp and emails

This optional service has been made available for purchase to all prospective international students at Niagara College – Toronto. This service is not a requirement for admission at NCT and it is important to note that using OneVASCO Visa Document Support Service does not guarantee visa acceptance.

Process for the OneVASCO Visa Document Support Service:

Step 1: 

You decide to purchase OneVASCO Visa Document Support Service

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Step 2: 

You complete payment for the OneVASCO service

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Step 3: 

A representative from OneVASCO will contact you within 1 business day to initiate the service

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For more information about the OneVASCO Visa Document Support Service, please email or call +447799547156.

To Proceed:

If you wish to purchase the OneVASCO Visa Document Support Service, please click below to submit your details. Niagara College – Toronto is part of the Global University Systems group of companies (the GUS Group) and you will be re-directed to the Global University Systems Canada website to provide the details necessary to complete the service.