Enhancing your learning experience by joining student clubs!

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The clubs at your school or institution are a great opportunity to meet people, make time for your passion, explore new interests and engage in the wider school community. At Niagara College – Toronto (NCT), clubs are an integral part of campus life and provide an enriching student experience. From our wide variety of sports clubs to clubs focused on books and art, to clubs that explore and celebrate the many cultures that make up our student body, our diverse array of communities ensure a space to suit everyone’s interests. If you’re thinking about joining one of NCT’s clubs, read on to learn more!

Benefits of joining a club:

There are many benefits to joining a club in your school community, both personal and professional. By pursuing your interests and becoming a part of a group, you can set yourself up for fulfilling experiences outside of your program studies. Benefits of joining a club include:

  • Making time for your interests/self-care.
    It’s important to devote time to your studies, but it is also important to make time for yourself. Your success as a student depends on learning when and how to take time to relax and have fun. Joining a club is a great way to make space for things you enjoy by reserving a specific block of time in your schedule every week to do something that interests you outside of your studies.
  • Try something new.
    With so many different types of clubs available to students of all skill levels, it’s easy to branch outside your comfort zone and have new experiences! From sports and art to cultural clubs and hobby clubs, there are so many opportunities to dive into different experiences. Beginners are always welcome in a club environment, so it’s the perfect space to find the support to try something new.
  • Make new friends.
    Clubs offer an easily accessible opportunity to meet people who share your interests. New students are able to connect with peers and share experiences, which helps build lasting friendships. Clubs provide an inviting space to make connections, meet people from diverse backgrounds and meet others that share your own.
  • Be a part of the school community.
    A new school and a new country mean many students are looking to connect with the community around them. Participating in clubs is a great way to immerse yourself and become better involved in that community, connecting you with friends, organizations, familiarizing you with locations and facilities, and helping you feel more at home in your new environment.
  • Develop new skills.
    Ever wonder how to play cricket? Always wanted to work with paint? Your school studies aren’t the only place where you can learn! Clubs expose students to interesting experiences and offer the opportunity to develop skills outside the classroom. Taking advantage of these opportunities to expand your learning results in a more well-rounded and fruitful college experience.
  • Network/make connections.
    With the varied experiences offered by different clubs and the many people you will meet by getting involved, every person you encounter is another connection in your personal and professional network. As you grow in your academic and professional journey, your connections grow and expand as well. Making connections and expanding your network is a valuable part of your school experience that could help you in your future working life.

Types of Clubs at NCT

NCT has a wide variety of clubs to suit everyone’s interests. With supportive members and welcoming leaders, each club offers students a fun and safe space to feel part of the community. See a selection of our clubs below and hear from club managers on why you should come out to join!

  • Esports Club: Join our Esports club at NCT for competitive gaming, teamwork, strategic thinking, and skill development in a fun, supportive environment. Immerse yourself in gaming and connect with passionate individuals! - Abdullah Subhani (Club Lead)
  • Foodie Club: Join our Foodie club for culinary adventures, flavorful experiences, and vibrant connections! Dive into diverse cuisines, share your love for food, and embrace a deliciously energetic community! - Sumneet Kaur (Club Lead)
  • Arts and Culture Club: Discover your creative side at our Arts and Culture club! Express yourself through various artistic mediums, collaborate on projects, and celebrate diversity. Join us to explore your potential and make meaningful connections. - Abdullah Subhani (Club Lead)
  • Coding Club: The coding club is a great community where you can learn new IT skills, share knowledge, and improve your networking. It will help you improve your coding and soft skills as a developer. – Jose Armando Leite Fernandes (Club lead?)
  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion): Diversity, equity, and inclusion are truly important for all communities, especially if you are a new student in this multicultural city. For this reason, I believe that joining a club that promotes your uniqueness and authenticity is so important. Getting to know and share with people from different parts of the world and with completely different stories from yours can help you broaden your vision and knowledge. – Luis Fernando Cevallos Benavides (Club Lead)
  • Basketball Club: Join our Basketball club to enhance your skills, build teamwork, and embrace an active lifestyle. Play in friendly and competitive matches while being part of a passionate basketball community. – Abdullah Subhani (Club Lead)
  • Badminton Club: Experience the excitement of badminton! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, join us to improve your technique, participate in friendly and competitive matches, and connect with fellow enthusiasts in a vibrant and inclusive environment. – Abdullah Subhani (Club Lead)
  • Soccer Club: New students should consider joining our Soccer club at NCT because we offer a dynamic environment where players can improve their skills, forge friendships, and experience the joy of playing the beautiful game together. – Ishan (Club Lead)
  • Volleyball Club: New students should consider joining our Volleyball club at NCT because we provide a supportive community for players of all levels to learn, grow, and compete in the exhilarating sport of volleyball, fostering teamwork and athleticism. – Ishan (Club Lead)
  • Cricket Club: Join our Cricket club for an opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting world of cricket, develop your talents, and form lasting bonds with fellow enthusiasts while representing our school with pride on the field. – Nakul (Club Lead)

Whether you are looking to meet like-minded peers who share your interests or are excited to find new experiences and try something outside your comfort zone, student clubs are a great place to get involved in the school community. If you are interested in joining any of the clubs offered at NCT, feel free to send us an email at clubs@niagaracollegetoronto.ca.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a student club?
    Student clubs are student-led communities that focus on a particular subject, such as a sport, an art, a cause or initiative. Clubs allow for spaces where students can try different activities, meet new people and become involved in their school community.
  2. What types of clubs are offered at my school?
    Most post-secondary institutions offer clubs on a wide range subjects and activities. Clubs can be centred around a particular sport (i.e., basketball, volleyball, cricket), a creative endeavour (i.e., painting, dancing, books), or a social focus (i.e., diversity and equity, cultural identity). Just about any subject and interest can form the basis of a club!
  3. What if I have no experience in the subject of the club I am interested in?
    Student clubs at NCT welcome members of all experience levels. Whether you are new to a club’s subject, or highly experienced, you are invited to join and be part of the community.
  4. How do I join a club at NCT?
    If you are interested in joining any of the clubs offered at NCT, feel free to send us an email at clubs@niagaracollegetoronto.ca.


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