What NCT Library Services Can Do for You

Students discuss various services in the library

Have you checked out the NCT Library recently? Library facilities at NCT are available both online and in person on the lower level of 22 College Street Building. Equipped with a diverse range of recreational reading material, textbooks, magazines, electronic resources and more, the NCT Library has something for everyone.

In addition to the books you can check out, there are many reasons to visit the NCT Library and engage in library activities, including the following five advantages for students.

Advantages of library services for students

1. Study space

The Library is a reliable place to find a quiet study spot. Whether you come independently or with friends, you can always find a comfy place to sit and get your work done in an inspiring atmosphere surrounded by books. The NCT Library also provides computers and workstations for students to conveniently make use of. Next time you’re looking for a productive study spot during your break, consider a trip to the Library.

2. Research support

Library services at NCT include research support for course assignments and projects. Take advantage of the vast library databases available to you, and reach out to the librarian for personal assistance with locating high-quality research materials, including academic journals and scientific resources. The librarian can also help you with referencing academic sources in the proper citation style.

3. Recreational reading material

In addition to the extensive academic resources available, the NCT Library Catalogue contains a variety of recreational reading material for you to discover, including fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, graphic novels and more. There is a diverse range of genres in our catalogue, containing everything from self-help to mystery, biography, science fiction, poetry and many more types of literature. Find what interests you and cherish the joy of reading!

4. Events and workshops

The Library is also a place where students can attend workshops, events and other library activities for students. For example, the Library hosts English Conversation Circles, an informal space to practice English-speaking skills with peers. The NCT Library is also a venue for workshops on topics such as citation styles, academic honesty and health and wellness.

Each month, our librarian picks four books to spotlight on our social media channels for Book of the Month, an initiative encouraging students to take more interest in reading for fun.

5. Accessible online/electronic resources

The NCT Library Catalogue comes equipped with an array of online resources, including e-books, e-journals, videos, databases and more. It has never been easier to access library resources!

Check out the Library Page on Canvas to access on-demand learning materials and individualized support with referencing sources and other library services.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the library services at NCT?

Library services at NCT offer students access to a range of academic and recreational reading materials, personalized assistance with research and referencing sources, special library events and workshops, easily accessible online resources and more.

What does the librarian do?

The librarian is here to help students find and check out high-quality research materials, reference academic sources properly, host library initiatives and events and more.

What are the benefits of the Library for students?

For students, the main benefits of the library are making use of its available academic resources, personalized assistance with references, quiet study spots and computer workstations.

What is a library management system?

A library management system is used to manage the library catalogue of print and online materials by tracking the items borrowed, availability of items, orders made and more.

Visit the NCT Library on the lower level of 22 College Street Building, and say hello to our librarian while there. For more information about library services and events, check out the NCT Library website at https://www.niagaracollegetoronto.ca/student-life/nct-library.


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