Socializing as a Student at NCT

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Socialization for students is often one of the most crucial aspects of an educational experience. For many students, especially international students who arrive not knowing anyone, whether they make friends and acquaintances in the school community can drastically improve their overall experience here. Having the support of friends provides more exciting opportunities for connection with school engagements and events.

What can students do to make socializing easier and more accessible? Here are a few suggestions for how students can meet like-minded peers and begin making lasting connections.

1. Check the Events calendar on the website.

One surefire way of keeping up to date on the latest school happenings is to check the Events calendar on the website. Here, you will find all the upcoming NCT events you can attend to connect with not just the college’s activities but also the community taking part in them.

In addition to the NCT website Events calendar, you can find updates about events on Canvas. We also encourage you to follow our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, X) to receive even more updates about opportunities to connect with your peers.

2. Join a student club.

A good place to make friends is in school clubs. The wide variety of clubs at NCT ensures there is something for everyone, from sports to arts, gaming, dance, coding, career networking and more. At NCT, you will find spaces dedicated to connecting you to similar peers along with engaging hobbies and activities. With plenty of benefits, including socializing with classmates and meeting new people, you can’t go wrong by joining an NCT club!

3. Attend workshops and networking events.

In keeping up with the events at NCT, you will discover many opportunities to attend workshops, networking events and more. Although these events are mainly for your academic and professional benefit, they can also easily introduce you to new people across different programs and interests.

Workshops often involve hands-on, collaborative activities, which offer chances to make new friends through this participation. Networking and career events often provide opportunities to meet other students on a similar career path. In these environments, you can meet a variety of people from NCT.

For more information about career workshops and upcoming events, email

4. Attend student engagement activities.

Student engagement activities and events are designed to get you involved in the college community. Throughout the school year, NCT plans fun activities for students, including cultural days to highlight diverse ethnicities and identities, various religious and secular holiday celebrations, trips to landmarks in and around Toronto, including ski trips to Blue Mountain and other exciting excursions, and much more. At these student engagement activities, you can meet other students and fully immerse yourself in the culture of our NCT community.

For more information about student engagement events and upcoming opportunities, reach out to

5. Visit English Conversation Circles.

If you’re an international student wanting to meet new people and also practise your English, NCT has the perfect event for you in English Conversation Circles. This is a reoccurring, biweekly student event at the library, where you can improve, practise and build confidence in your English-speaking skills through an informal, friendly conversation space. Whether you come with friends or come to make new ones, you are welcome to join and connect with others in this sociable environment. Check the NCT Library Catalogue page calendar to stay informed on when and where English Conversation Circles take place.

6. Connect with your classmates through a study group or project.

A simple way to connect with other students at NCT is to make friends and acquaintances in your courses. Whether it’s through an assigned group project or a study group you initiate with a few classmates, you can always find other students to connect with throughout your academic journey. Often, it’s easier to make lasting connections with people with similar interests and values, so try to get to know others in your program and make friendly conversation when collaborating in academic settings.

7. Check out the many public events ongoing in Toronto.

In addition to the NCT community and its events, you can always check out the City of Toronto events going on currently and keep an eye on the calendar of public events, including everything from art exhibitions to sports games, movie screenings, cultural festivals, fitness classes, nightlife events and more. You can even filter your search to include free events only and explore what the city has to offer on a student-friendly budget. In a city like Toronto, there are always more people and places to meet!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the benefits of socialization for students?
    There are many benefits of socialization for students, but the main benefits typically are improving your sense of belonging within the school community and city, peer support with classmates, mental health and wellness, student engagement in college activities and events and more.
  2. How can international students make friends during their studies in Toronto?
    International students can make friends and socialize through college events and activities, clubs, NCT’s English Conversation Circles, workshops and more.
  3. Where can students go to make friends at college?
    At college, there are typically extracurricular activities along with academic spaces for students to socialize and make friends. Here, our NCT clubs, student life engagements, English Conversation Circles and other events offer students plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded peers in a friendly environment.

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