Career Opportunities in International Business Management

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Interested in studying business? How about gaining a global perspective on the world of business? In today’s increasingly globalized economy, the field of international business management (IBM) is more important than ever. Organizations need qualified professionals to analyze, develop, strategize and manage various aspects and unique challenges in international business.

In this blog, we explore the career opportunities and job prospects for IBM graduates and answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the benefits of studying international business management, the demand for jobs and how you can pursue a career in international business.

What are the jobs international business management graduates are best suited for?

  1. Financial Analyst/Business Analyst
    A financial analyst or business analyst evaluates financial risks, prepares financial forecasts, analyzes investment projects and assists organizations with financial performance in various other ways.
  2. Global Business Development Manager
    A business development manager is hired to grow a business by developing a suitable business development strategy, prioritizing financial gain and company growth. Business development managers work and communicate effectively with stakeholders to achieve success.
  3. Human Resources Manager
    Human resources (HR) managers, along with the interpersonal people skills they possess, are always in demand for companies in a broad range of industries. HR managers communicate internally to maintain good relationships with employees.
  4. Logistics & Supply Chain Manager
    Logistics managers specialize in the movement and storage of commercial goods and supply chain managers oversee every stage of the production flow in global supply chain manufacturing, from the purchasing of raw materials to the delivery of the final product.
  5. Foreign Trade Consultant/Specialist
    Foreign trade consultants and specialists analyze foreign trade and monitor the global economy to advise companies on international business strategy and expansion opportunities.
  6. Global Marketing Manager/Public Relations Manager
    Marketing managers and public relations managers are responsible for planning and budgeting marketing campaigns, communicating effectively with external and internal stakeholders
  7. Management Analyst
    Management analysts assess company performance and advise executives on how to enhance success by solving organizational problems. Working in international business, global management analysts help companies find solutions to issues regarding foreign markets and analyze performance on a global scale, including management, market research, strategy and finance.
  8. Global Strategy Manager
    A global strategy manager is needed to support the development of a long-term organizational strategy in an international business. This includes reviewing and recommending initiatives that align with the company’s objectives and growth.
  9. E-Commerce Manager
    An e-commerce manager supervises and manages online sales and the digital presence of retail companies. E-commerce business is as global as can be, so international business management skills and knowledge are invaluable.

International business management graduates are equipped for a range of roles in global commerce, beyond just the examples above. Depending on where your interests lie, you can build a uniquely fulfilling career for yourself, using the credentials gained in an International Business Management Graduate Certificate program like the one at Niagara College – Toronto (NCT).


What is international business?

International business refers to the commerce of global companies and the selling and trading of products and services on an international scale.

What is international business management?

International business management means leading certain aspects of a global company, including project management, marketing, supply chain, logistics, finance, human resources and more, while considering an international perspective and the global scale of commerce.

Is International Business Management a good program?

International Business Management at Niagara College – Toronto is a good program, providing a valuable learning experience to gain credentials for a variety of international business jobs. A graduate certificate in international business management provides the knowledge and skills to manage global commerce decisions in areas such as marketing, logistics/supply chain, strategy, e-commerce, human resources, business development and financial analysis.

What are my job prospects for a career in international business management?

International business management careers can vary widely. Global business management encompasses many departments: logistics and supply chain, human resources, business development, finance, marketing, public relations, strategy, e-commerce, foreign trade consulting and more. A graduate of international business management can apply their skills to these roles and others.

How do I find industry-relevant jobs after studying international business management in Canada?

To forge a fulfilling career after international business management studies in Canada, engage in networking opportunities (e.g., special networking events, reaching out to people in the industry who you aspire to and talking to your professors), search for jobs on job boards, attend job fairs and ask career advisors for guidance and resources tailored to your specific needs and interests.

At NCT, there are plenty of personalized resources as well as events and networking opportunities available to support you in your transition from school to work. Visit our Events page to see upcoming events from the Career Services department.

What is an average international business management salary?

The average international business salary varies by which field you pursue, but generally ranges between $75,000 to $100,000 CAD in Canada. Using Glassdoor’s average salaries for the job titles specified in this blog, the average international business management salary would be around $93,000 CAD.

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