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When it comes time to cram for exams, there is so much on a student’s mind – from making the grade, finishing the project, applying for the internship, preparing to graduate – it’s easy for food to fall to the bottom of the priority list. But successful studying means taking care of your brain – and taking care of your brain means feeding it the fuel it needs to focus. We’ve got you covered with our Exam Crunch Menu to keep you healthy and well-fed while you work to make the grade.

BREAKFAST – Berries, nuts, porridge, orange juice

When you’re feeling sluggish in the morning and not ready to concentrate, it’s a great idea to reach for some antioxidant rich berries! Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries – all of them pack a brain boosting punch. Pairing these berries with some protein rich yogurt and nuts or oatmeal which is high in vitamins, minerals and fibers, and you’ve got a winning breakfast to start your study day off right. Eggs are also a great choice to start your study day – they are super rich in brain boosting nutrients like vitamin B12, choline and selenium. Don’t forget a big glass of 100% OJ or grapefruit – high in Vitamin C and flavonoids which promote healthy brain function.

LUNCH – Avocados, Colourful Vegetables, Protein

Who doesn’t love an Avocado toast or a spicy guacamole? Mash those avocados into a delicious lunch option of healthy unsaturated fats to fuel your brain for the afternoon cram session. Green salads loaded with colourful vegetables like nitrate rich beets are a great choice to help with brain function. Or take a break from the books and try making a homemade pizza, with whole grain dough and lots of vegetables, this is a delicious treat to fuel your mind. Add chicken or beef for a hit of healthy protein and Omega-3s!

DINNER – Fish, Colourful Vegetables, Legumes

Speaking of Omega-3s, these fatty acids improve blood flow to the brain and are known to improve brain health, so try a piece of oily fish for dinner! Or treat yourself to a piece of steak for a bit of Omega-3 and protein! Pair it  with more colourful veg or any kind of legumes – chickpeas, lentils, split peas – which are rich in folic acid fiber and glucose to improve memory performance, and you’ve got the brain boosting meal you need to study into the night.


For all that whole foods can do for your brain power, there are few things as important to your health as proper rest. It’s easy fill up on caffeine at study time – watch your intake so it doesn’t affect your sleep! A good night’s sleep before an exam or study session is key to keeping your mind focused and ready to tackle the task ahead. And don’t forget – our bodies crave water, and getting dehydrated means a mind that’s not clear to think its way through exams. So make sure to load up on H20!

*Note: This post was not written by a dietician and NCT does not accept any liabilities for its suggestions for food items*


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