How to successfully conduct group work online

Woman Having a Online Group Meeting

Online group activities are a part of postsecondary life and help students learn and connect with others. While classroom learning brings together everyone and allows them to interact physically, online learning limits this exposure

This is why online group projects are necessary as they help students bond and share their knowledge. It gives them a platform where they can demonstrate their learning, acquire organizational skills and understand how to work as a team. 

Online group work also showcases to the instructor how well students have grasped the subject. Students working in groups means everyone has to do their share of work and devise a strategy to ensure the goal of the project is met in time. 

Tips for online students

While working together on any online activity, there is equal responsibility on the students and the instructor. This is valuable learning for students as they will be working in a team or a group further in their professional career. Here are some tips for students working in groups:

Learn to collaborate 

For some students working in groups comes naturally, for others it takes a bit of practice. The opportunity to collaborate with others is important and needs to be taken seriously. It will teach you how to listen to others, put across your ideas and also conclude every task. 

Get comfortable with virtual devices 

There is a certain sense of ease when you talk with someone face-to-face but based on current conditions, we are restricted to our phones and laptops for all kinds of interaction. Students need to get comfortable with online devices and platforms if they want to successfully work on online assignments. 

Have a plan that suits everyone 

To make your online assignment a success, everyone must be on the same page. You have to ensure that the group logs in at the right time, has access to the platform, notes and other essentials that are needed for the project. It is also important that everyone is clear on the roles they are given and each group member gets to contribute equally. 

Be accountable 

An online group is a chance for students to learn everything from coursework to useful team-building skills. Given the nature of the platform, you have to be accountable for your work and make most of the opportunity. While the instructor will lead you through the process, it also requires your sincere commitment. 

Engaging in online group work helps students in familiarizing themselves to digital platforms and also equips them with essential skills such as team work and leadership. If you are looking to study online then check out the range of programs offered by Niagara College – Toronto.

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Tips for online instructors 

An online instructor plays a significant role in ensuring that the project reaches successful completion. It is important that he or she also encourages equal student participation and hence need to facilitate the task with diligence. Below are some tips that instructors will find of use while overlooking online projects: 

Focused conversation 

In an in-person classroom setting, students await their turn to speak and each one gets to contribute in class discussion. The same should happen during any online session and the instructor should ensure that the conversation should be focused on the topic and not wasted on idle chatting. 

Smaller assignments 

One of the effective group work strategies that an instructor can use is dividing the large assignment into several smaller sections. Students can get confused or overwhelmed working on a bigger task but will navigate it easily when it’s broken into easy-to-do chunks. 

Allow students to self-grade 

While the instructor has the final say on grades, it’s useful to involve students in the process. This will allow the student to understand their level of participation and contribution to the project. It will also help them understand what they did right and where they made mistakes.