Seven healthy and fun study break ideas for students

Student having refreshments

With finals, school projects, and so many other study-related tasks, it is important to remember that a study or work session that goes on for 10 hours straight is not healthy, and you risk getting burnt out. To keep things efficient and healthy, it’s good to shift gears and take short breaks. 

In fact, short breaks are important to escape the monotony of long hours sitting at a desk, improves your concentration, memory power, and helps ease stress. If you’re a workaholic and don’t know how to take a break from studying, here is a list of healthy and fun study break ideas.

1. Move your body

While working or studying, you are mostly sitting on a chair for long hours. Our bodies need movement - but movement does not necessarily have to be something like push-ups.

If you are on a longer study break then you can go to a park and spend some time outdoors.

If stepping out is not an option, you can always find some great videos and soundtracks online and do some breathing exercises, stretches or guided meditation.

2. Read something fun

To take your mind off heavier material, it's a great idea to take a break and lookup an online magazine that you like or go through some interesting articles. Reading something of your interest that might not be related to what you’re studying is a good way to take a break while you also do something meaningful for yourself.

3. Create a music playlist for studying

Most of us simply listen to curated public playlists when we can’t choose between our favorite songs. But curated playlists are highly underrated. A playlist continues on loop and you won’t have to keep tapping on the next song which is a big-time saver. Take a break from your studies and start curating or pick an already curated list!

Some people might find productivity more enjoyable by playing some Drake or K-OS, working along to catchy, upbeat music. Other people may reserve that hype for a workout or jog, and defer to some smooth guitar or lo-fi music to keep their focus steady. Explore a variety of playlists until you find the right one to jazz up your study sessions!

4. Catch up with your friends

Checking in with friends is a nice way to take time off from your studies and may make you feel energized and happier while breaking up the monotony. Choose to spend time with close friends and family who make you feel happy or relaxed.

5. Take a comedy break

There is no better way to lighten up your mood than laughing out loud. You can explore your social media and look up the funny accounts that never fail to crack you up. If you don't want to take the risk of opening social media to avoid scrolling for hours, you can check out humorous websites which publish funny articles or posts catering to different humor tastes like topical, stand-up, or improvised comedy.

6. Prepare a tasty snack

Feeling hungry while studying for long hours is natural, but nibbling on high-sugar snacks is not a good idea for your body, especially when you are working so hard. Instead, you can take some time off your studies to whip up a quick meal that is tasty and healthy. Try some new smoothie recipes, have dark chocolates, nuts, and seeds, or even some popcorn. Cooking is a fantastic way to take your mind off things. 

7. Tidy up

When you are studying hard, it can be difficult to spare a thought for anything else including sprucing up your room. There might be multiple things like a chair with a pile of clothes stacked up on it. While cleaning up your surroundings on a break might feel boring, it can help you feel productive once you are done with it. An uncluttered space can also help you make a difference in the quality of your study since a clean space often reflects an uncluttered mind. 

8. Get creative

Whether you love writing regular journal entries, poems, making music, taking photographs, painting, or even singing — it is crucial to keep at it. The pressure of studies sometimes takes us far from the things that we genuinely love to do. Carve out 15 to 20 minutes to do your favourite things every day! Not only will you get your much-needed break from studies, it also helps break routine and gets your creative juices flowing. 

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