8 Popular (and Inexpensive) Study Supplies

Notebooks, Pens and Calculator Lying on a Desk

Study supplies can help you get through those late-night study sessions more easily! Today on the blog, we’ve got you covered with eight popular and inexpensive study supplies for any Niagara College – Toronto student – and many of these items can be found at most dollar stores in the city!

Items like:

1. A three hole punch

– With all the print outs and loose leaf papers you collect in a semester, a three hole punch can definitely be useful – especially when you need to organize all those notes for study time!

2. Sticky notes

– Sure, writing notes in a binder is great, but what about when you want to mark something in your textbook so you can find it later? Sticky notes let you mark textbook pages with colourful flags to help you find important information when you need it. Choose a variety of colours for different kinds of notes – organize them by subject or by importance, the choice is yours!

3. Ear buds

– Block out the noisy world and focus in on what you’re studying by putting in a pair of ear buds. Play your favourite tunes, some ambient sounds, or relaxing white noise to help you get your work done.

4. Pens and highlighters

– Probably the most obvious and important of study supplies, lots of good pens and highlighters can help with making notes. Get an array of black and blue ink bic ball point pens and different colours of highlighters to make your notes organized and easy to read.

5. Snacks!

– It is important to make sure you are giving your brain power while studying and maintaining your energy levels. Granola or plain popcorn are great for munching. Fruits, nuts, and crispy veg satisfy the craving crunch. Check out our blog on the perfect Exam Crunch Menu for more healthy food ideas! https://www.niagaracollegetoronto.ca/blog/exam-crunch-menu

6. Cozies

– Ideal for cold Toronto winter temperatures, but always welcome in the fall and spring, it’s a great idea to have a pair of good slippers or a nice blanket to stay warm and cozy during a study session!

7. Good lamp

– Always take care of your eyes! A well-lit desk space is important to keep your eyes from straining when reading for hours on end. Pick up a nice bright desk lamp to give you the illumination you need!

8. Water bottle

– Stay hydrated. A nice big water bottle that keeps your h2o cold is a smart thing to have with you at study time. Being well hydrated keeps the mind sharp and helps you stay focused, so keep that water bottle within arm’s reach!

With these popular study supplies, you’ll be ready to conquer any study session and ace whatever exam or test you’re prepping for.

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