NCT Awards Academic Excellence Bursary to Returning Students

Students facing the camera and smiling

Niagara College – Toronto (NCT) is pleased to announce that returning NCT students who successfully completed their Spring 2022 term with a 90% Grade Point Average (GPA) were eligible to receive an Academic Excellence Bursary!

The Academic Excellence Bursary was created by NCT to recognize the hard work and academic excellence demonstrated by our students. This initiative began in Fall 2021, which saw eligible NCT students awarded that term. The bursary was then extended to Winter 2022, and again for returning Spring 2022 students, as part of NCT’s commitment to celebrating student success.

“We’re excited to award $1,000 bursaries to qualifying returning students,” says Suzanne van Beek, Associate Director, Pathways and Partnerships. “We hope our students will take advantage of this initiative, as an acknowledgement of their dedication and academic achievements.”

The $1,000 CAD bursary will be awarded to returning students who applied by the September 1st, 2022, deadline and met all application criteria. The bursary will go towards the student’s Fall 2022 tuition and fees and will be posted to the student’s account after the tenth day of the term.

For a further list of NCT’s available student awards & bursaries, please don’t hesitate to visit our website.