Niagara College – Toronto ending Mask Mandate

A woman smiling at the camera

Given current COVID trends and provincial and local public health directives, Niagara College – Toronto (NCT) will suspend the mandatory mask policy for its campuses as of July 4. Recognizing that key COVID indicators continue to fluctuate, masking will still be encouraged at Niagara College – Toronto campuses but will no longer be mandatory. Niagara College – Toronto’s campus will continue to be a mask-friendly environment where all members of the college community are supportive and respectful of individual choices with regards to masking.

Niagara College – Toronto continues to monitor COVID trends and public health guidance and direction for on-campus activity and will update measures or policies as required. For more information on NCT’s mask mandate and COVID-19 protocols, please reach out to NCT’s Health Wellness and Accessibility Services at